Privacy Cleaner for Windows 8

Learn Simple Way to Clean Private Details on Windows 8

The more you make usage of your Widows 8 computer for different purposes, the more it will gather data which consist of information on the activities that are carried out while using it. It keeps tracks of all the websites that you visited, any software you downloaded, documents which were opened or accessed recently and different other activities. These temporary files are saved at different location of system. As the size of temporary files increases system performance decreases. We can easily boost the performance of computer or laptop by simply deleting those junk files manually. However, if you don't wish to delete them manually then, just make use of Remo MORE, which clears the privacy files in few seconds of its installtion.

Many of us while making use of Windows 8 browser save different items such as username, password, bookmarks, set default home page, etc. This task is done in order to minimize the time taken to access different websites. But, if such accounts or bookmarks are accessed by someone who you don’t wish to then a very pitiful situation develops before the users. The other thing which gets evolved over the browser is that, when different items such as browser history, cookies, password, are not wiped at regular interval; browsing speed of the different website decreases considerably.

Files saving process, OS booting process, installation of new software and different other activities which, are commonly done on any system is badly effected by increase of junk files over system. Along with the temporary files there are certain software’s which keep performing at the background of system, thus occupying considerable amount of RAM memory space. Since we know that it is RAM (Random Access Memory) which is responsible for fast working of system, therefore if the most of the memory space is covered by useless software then working of system degrades. As this case of slow performing system arises on Mac a question that gets popped in user mind is “How to clean Mac computer?

If you don’t wish to compromise your data on Windows 8 system or want fast PC, then keep in mind some of the precautionary measures:

System functionalities can also get reduced because of activities, temp files and registry entries by implementation of Remo MORE. Items that get hinge at the Recycle Bin after deletion on computer also reduce the performances. Deleting each of the temporary files such as download history, program activity, temp files, recent items, Recycle Bin files and different others by going at their saved location is quite cumbersome. Therefore, if you don’t have that great idea of computer or laptop functioning then simply utilizing any privacy cleaner software like Remo MORE, which is very well acquitted to tackle such instances. In case you want clean private files and folders then just click on the provided link:

Steps for Making use of Privacy Cleaner on Windows 8:

Step 1: First you need to download and install Remo MORE to clear privacy details from your Windows 8 computer. Once installation is completed open the Welcome Screen as depicted in Figure 1.

Privacy Cleaner for Windows 8 - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: On the Welcome Screen click on Optimize and next select on Privacy Cleaner as depicted in Figure 2.

Privacy Cleaner for Windows 8 - Optimize

Figure 2: Optimize

Step 3: As the Privacy Cleaner window opens on Windows 8 system click on One Click Clean button and later click on Clean button as depicted in Figure 3.

Privacy Cleaner for Windows 8 - One Click Clean

Figure 3: One Click Clean

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