Android Phone Browser History Cleaner

Clean Browser History from Android Phone

Usage of phone for just calling and texting messages are part of history, with advancement of different Android based phones. Now, by making use of Android phones people can easily perform different activities like managing online transactions, online purchasing, using different social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. In order to, have easy use of these accounts users generally, save the username and passwords on android browser such as Opera Mini, Chrome, UC Browser, etc. Although this feature of saving passwords on browser is very much helpful in minimizing the access of desired account, it can also put users in very regretful situation as well, when it is accessed by some ill-mannered person. In case if you don't wish to clear browser history manually then, simply make use of Remo MORE.

When we browse on different websites using Android phone, each of the webpages that has been visited in the past is recorded within the browser. The browser history keeps the page title and the URL of the page visited, therefore, if required by the users those pages can be revisited. Such instance turns from beneficial option to catastrophic situation, when your browser history is checked by someone else, which you didn’t wished to happen in any circumstances. The only solution that is recommended by number of industry experts for such embarrassing situation, is wiping out the browser history at regular interval of time.

Many of you must have observed that even though you have got trusted internet connections, on your Android phone browsing of different sites is quite slow. Why does this actually happen is the question that arises in every users mind? The fact is that when browsing is done, a record is created having catalog of each of the sites visited. So, if such record size of browser which is called browser history gets quite big, then to large extend browsing gets slow. To tackle such situation users of need to have Android phone browser cleaner. The other things that impact browsing on Android phones are bookmarks, cookies, cache, etc. To know more about how to clear privacy data from computer or Android phones simply click on the provided link:

If the users of Android phone don’t wish to share their authenticated data, then they must strictly follow the mentioned precautions:

Performing such acts manually is quite a cumbersome process; therefore, it is recommended making use of application like Remo MORE, which is very well versed in wiping out useless data from Android phone which is running over Android operating system. Remo MORE can be easily used to remedy things which degrades Android phone performance because of large call log, saved SMS, clipboards, etc. These useless logs or contents of the smartphone need to be cleared periodically so that activity done on the phone can be fast and easy for user. Junk data can also get accumulated at the Android phones because of installation or uninstallation of different programs. As the number of installed tools increase the number of junk data also increases, thus working capacity of smartphone reduces. Same slow performing issue develops over computer or laptop where users need to have hard drive free space cleaner, so that system can function as a brand new PC.

Note: With the advent of this powerful toolkit, its possible to safely and securely permanently erase personal information from computer beyond recovery. To know more information about the page, simply click here

Follow Simple Steps to Clean Browser History on Android Phones

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE to clear browser history from your Android phone. As installation is finished open the Welcome Screen as shown in Figure 1.

Android Phone Browser History Cleaner - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Firstly you need to click on Optimize from the Home Screen and then on Privacy Cleaner as shown in Figure 2.

Android Phone Browser History Cleaner - Optimize

Figure 2: Optimize

Step 3: On the Privacy Cleaner window click on Clean History button and later tap on Clean Bowser History as shown in Figure 3.

Android Phone Browser History Cleaner - Clean Bowser History

Figure 3: Clean Bowser History

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